Merlin Car Hire offer any saloon, estate car or van on a long-term or contract hire basis (better known as leasing). This type of rental can be arranged to include licenses, taxes, maintenance, replacement vehicles in case of breakdowns etc ..... well .. anything, to guarantee a non-stop operation of your fleet.

By leasing, your capital is not tied up in buying new cars. We do that for you and you just pay a fixed monthly rate for a fixed period; normally 4 years. The rental fees are also allowed to be charged in the P&L account by the Inland Revenue Department. Depreciation and Asset Disposal problems are therefore eliminated.

We are not tied down to any manufacturer or car importer thus ensuring that your exact requirements are satisfied.

No fixed rates are published as every contract is tailored to the client's requirements. By pressing on the contact us you can find all the neccesary contact information and a booking form, or else you could just click HERE to send an email.


The Merlin Contract Hire Scheme can include :-

  • Brand new vehicle of your choice at the start of each contract
  • Registration Tax, Stamp Duty, Road Tax, and Comprehensive Insurance
  • Free Maintenance
  • Free Replacement vehicle in case of breakdowns
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Any extras can be fitted to vehicle at a nominal charge
  • All that you need to do now is to contact us and obtain a quotation.

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